Starzyk Designs : Freelance Website Design

As a web designer for small businesses, I understand the need for small and start-up companies to have a presence on the web. And although a "build-your-own" website program gets your business online quick, the designs are usually templated, generic, and chances are you won't get found by customers.

I enjoy creating fresh, creative and professional websites for companies looking to get their foot in the "internet" door. My websites are hand coded using valid XHTML/CSS, jQuery/JavaScript, and PHP when needed. I like to think I can design for a wide range of clients, but I can let my website examples speak for themselves.

If you have an old, out-dated website, or just started a company and need to get online fast, then I may be able to help. Send me an email and let me know the basic scope of your project. Prices vary immensely based on the client needs, so a preliminary phone call would be necessary. The turn around time on an average website is about 4 weeks.

Get a custom website design today!

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